Dear Visitor,

Welcome to DGAF Community: An online community of communal folk where everyone is equal, so there is no judging, hating, trolling-none of that shit, just people helping people with their wisdom, their solidarity and whatever else they’ve got...

Behind this gate is a near replica of Two Plus Two Poker Forums, except more life-focused than poker-focused, and most importantly, there are zero NITS inside. This community is a gift from me back to all the people who support my content. It’s the #2 perk of signing up at

The #1 perk is that amazing feeling you get inside when you reciprocate...

If you want to become a part of this community for the right reasons-to give and take equally amongst all the other communal folk, I am happy to open this gate for you (once your first payment goes through on Patreon). Just know that if you try to become a member for the wrong reasons-even if you pledge 100 bucks a month, you will be barred immediately. We all keep a very careful eye out for nits in here in order to protect the beautiful history we are making.



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